Creativity Myths

Creativity has seemed to become a staple in most if not all areas of business. Creativity is looked for as a quality in new hires as well as put into mission statements of companies. What really makes a person creative?

Creativity is something that is found in each and every person in one way or another. Creativity is such an abstract term that can mean almost anything. When you say a person is full of creativity what do you really mean? Are they good at painting or drawing? Maybe they have a talent for writing or cooking? Creativity is somewhat like a rainbow word that can encompass anything and everything. Despite all of the attention that creativity has been given over the centuries little is known about the daily innovative movements of a so called “creative” person. What exactly causes creativity? What traits did the person who raised them do to help them with their creativity? What kinds of environments support a creative mind? Are exceptionally creative people born or are they molded?

Myths about Creativity

                1. Only artists have creativity – Man is born with the capacity to think rationally and the ability to distinguish their own decisions. This in turn tells us that man has the capacity to be creative or hold the capacity to create. Creativity is not limited to those people who can bring a page alive with a few choice words, or paint beautiful scenery that makes you feel as if you are in the middle of a tropical paradise. Anyone and everyone has the ability to be creative, it is simply how we chose to cultivate it.

                2. Pressure leads to creativity – Time limits can not be put on creativity. Some people do work well under pressure but when you put your brain on a time crunch it begins to feel stifled. Restricted time leads to restricted creativity. Rules and regulations can not be put on creativity or the process of creativity.

                4. Competition is better than Collaboration – The objective of creativity is to think of something novel and perform or deliver on that idea. It really doesn’t matter how a creative idea was though up, whether it was through competition or collaboration, it is still a creative concept that can bring some life and flare to an otherwise mundane thing.

You Are Creativity

                Creativity is not being able to paint a picture that will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Creativity is knowing your limitations and how to work with them. Once you can overcome that then you have free reign of the world around you and can spread your wings and grow!

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